Music. Catnip for Voiceovers. How to brief your voiceover using sound.


Music is an incredible addition to your creative box of tricks as a director. A single, well-chosen piece of music can set the tone and give your project pace and attitude. Plus, crucially, it gives it an emotional context. Which is magic for your voiceover artist. As a creative, you’ve chosen a piece of music […]

4 Top Tips for Voice Directing (and why you need a plan)

Successful Voice Directing

Travelling from Monaco to Disneyland Paris on a tight budget was always going to be tricky. And we were a group of 8, including three teenagers and an 80-year-old. It was August 2017. I’d been in a play in Monaco, and my family had come out to join me.  While the rest of the cast and […]

Voiceover – It’s Just Talking, Isn’t It?

Voiceover - It’s Just Talking, Isn’t It?

It takes experience, training, and talent to be a professional voice artist. So why do some people think that being a voiceover is “just talking”? When I tell people that I’m a Voice Artist, I get various reactions. One of the most common is incredulity: “Voiceover – what, is that actually a job? It’s just […]