The Craft of the Audiobook with coach Sean Pratt: making non-fiction sound fascinating.

Audiobooks Are Incredible. 

Fact or fiction – great storytelling is an art. But what is it about a really good narrator that works and how do they learn how to pull the listener into their story? The answer – as with most things in life – is because they’ve worked at it: they’ve learnt their craft. Which is where a great audiobook coach comes in. In this episode, I’m talking to Sean Pratt – multi-award-winning narrator, actor and coach – who has voiced over 1000 Audiobooks for companies including Penguin, Blackstone, Tantor and Harper Collins. There’s not much Sean doesn’t know about the craft of the audiobook. If you want to find out how to get the most out of your audiobook narrators – this is an amazing Masterclass. Amongst other things, we look at:
  • Actors and audio narration
  • The challenges of narrating non-fiction;
  • Coaching professional voices and why it matters;
  • How to work with inexperienced voices;
  • Top tips for voice directors to help their narrators to really shine;
  • And you’ll discover why he’s called The Ginger Yoda :)
You can find out more about Sean here: https://www.seanprattpresents.com
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