4 excellent reasons to hire a voice director for your next project.

Do Voice Actors Need Experienced Directors?

At first glance, this seems a surprising statement to be debating – but with budgets being increasingly squeezed across the creative industries, voice actors are finding that they’re being directed by all kinds of people from production teams – not necessarily experienced directors. Voice Directors have a unique and precious skillset. So – along with the insights and comments from a number of voice actors and industry professionals – this is the subject I’m tackling this week on Talking Creative. There were 4 main themes that emerged:
  1. Directors are the bridge between the actor and the client;
  2. Directors have the creative overview of the whole piece;
  3. Directors improve the quality of an actor’s performance through collaboration;
  4. Experienced directors know how to work with actors to build the layers of a nuanced, engaging performance quickly and efficiently – producing brilliant results AND saving time and money.
Many thanks to everyone who got involved and helped me to create this New Year Special despite lockdown, New Year celebrations and birthdays – I couldn’t do it without you! With special thanks to: Margaret Ashley, Curt Bonnem, Natalie Chisholm, Stephane Cornicard, Adam Dergiman, Katie Flamman, Kirsty Gillmore, John Grayson, Will Harrison-Wallace, Anthony Hewson, Dave Jones, Lanessa VO, Ally Murphy, Joel Pettigrew, Tanya Rich, Lisa Stokke Jolly and Susie Valerio.
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