How to cast and work with Audiobook Narrators

The Audiobook industry is booming.

Listening to books has never been more popular – fact or fiction, we all love a good listen. But finding the right narrator is a complex art.

In this episode,  I’m talking to Amber Bates from Orion Books about the part she plays in getting a book from a manuscript and into our ears.

We cover all kinds of stuff, including:

  • Casting – and who is involved in the process
  • What to look for in your audiobook narrator
  • The listener and why they’re so important
  • How to work with the author
  • Studios vs home studios
  • Directing your narrator

We also look specifically at The Six Tales of Christmas (also available from your independent bookseller), narrated by Karen Cass and written by Anne Marie Ryan.

Yes – it’s a bit late (or ridiculously early!) for festive literature – but it’s always Christmas in my heart ;-D

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