Working with Directors – a celebration by Voice Actors.

April 16th 2021 Is World Voice Day.

And this episode is a Talking Creative Special. World Voice Day is all about celebrating the phenomenon of the voice so in this episode I bring you many voices from across the World – all celebrating one thing: Working with Voice Directors. I asked voice actors for their thoughts and stories about working with voice directors from their side of the glass – and I got back some amazing stuff. This episode is packed with actionable insights, likes and dislikes and a warning of drug abuse. Many thanks to all these incredible voice actors who got behind this and sent in their stories and insights: I also mention episode 9 of Talking Creative “How to make your Voiceover feel confident” – here’s the link to that: https://samanthaboffin.co.uk/talkingcreative/09-how-to-make-your-voiceover-feel-confident/
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