The Talking Creative podcast is a whole year old!

To celebrate, I’ve looked back at all the great ideas and interviews in a year of podcasting – and pulled together the top 10 pieces of advice. Here’s the list:
  1. The listener is King – or Queen (Amber Bates and Sean Pratt)
  2. Be an ace planner (Verity Panter)
  3. Do your homework (Tanya Rich)
  4. Be authentic (Elinor Hamilton)
  5. Make your voice talent feel confident (Sean Pratt and Nic Redman)
  6. Write scripts to be read out loud (Nic Redman)
  7. Be clear, be specific (Katie Flamman and Stephane Cornicard)
  8. Be playful (Lisa Graydon)
  9. Don’t take yourself too seriously (Garrett Neal)
  10. Be a director – not a dictator (me – and pretty much everyone else!)
And here are the links to the episodes mentioned: https://bit.ly/TalkingCreativeTanyaRich https://bit.ly/TalkingCreativeSeanPratt https://bit.ly/TalkingCreativeAmberBates https://bit.ly/TalkingCreativeNicRedman https://bit.ly/TalkingCreativeWorldVoiceDay https://bit.ly/TalkingCreativeGarrettNeal https://bit.ly/TalkingCreativeVerityPanter https://bit.ly/TalkingCreativeElinorHamilton And here’s to another year of Talking Creative! Let’s make voiceovers better.
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