‘Tis (nearly) the season to be jolly. But have you thought about your Christmas voice yet?
Now is the time and this week’s episode should help you get in the festive mood. Plus hopefully give you some Christmassy ideas.
  • Character voices
  • Kids voices
  • Parent voices
  • Singers
  • Is there even a “Christmas” voice?
There were a lot of people who made this episode extra-special…
Santa was the excellent Mark Ryes: https://markryes.com/ As well as live Santa voiceover and TV and radio commercials, shopping centres and websites, Mark also provides Santa messages for parents (which is pretty fabulous!) – do find out more here: https://voiceover6.wixsite.com/santamessages And Mrs Santa, the elves and all the other Christmassy wonders were played by: And here are some other episodes that might help you find voice actors: Episode 43 – How to Find the Right Voiceover Quickly: https://samanthaboffin.co.uk/talkingcreative/how-to-find-the-right-voiceover-quickly/ Episode 2 – Where to Find the Perfect Voiceover Artist https://samanthaboffin.co.uk/talkingcreative/02-where-to-find-the-perfect-voiceover-artist/ Do subscribe, rate and review “Talking Creative – the Art of Voiceover Directing” on Apple Podcasts – and share the love! And please do connect or follow me on LinkedIn here for more chat about voiceovers, directing and all kinds of creative stuff. I’d love to link up!

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