57 Countdown to Christmas: The History of the Christmas Card. DECEMBER 9th

It’s December the 9th…
…Christmas Card Day. There were so many things I could have talked about but the History of the Christmas Card seemed like a fun topic. So here it is! A (brief) history of the Christmas Card.  
As promised – here is a link to Mark Ryes and his personalised Santa messages: https://markryes.com/ And you can see the very first Christmas Card here: https://www.vam.ac.uk/articles/the-first-christmas-card https://markryes.com/ Do subscribe, rate and review “Talking Creative – the Art of Voiceover Directing” on Apple Podcasts – and share the love! And please do connect or follow me on LinkedIn here for more chat about voiceovers, directing and all kinds of creative stuff. I’d love to link up!

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