A Talking Creative and The Voiceover Social Podcast Special
In January 2022, Talking Creative and The Voiceover Social hosted a workshop: “How to Direct and Be Directed”. A live event with an audience of voice actors, directors and producers. This is the podcast from that workshop – part 1 anyway! And the title says it all – it was The original event was a panel discussion with audience Q&A about voice directing and how to get the best out of your voice actors, followed by a live directing session and breakout rooms. This is the panel discussion – with added commentary from me, post event. In this 50 minute episode we cover all kinds of practical stuff, including:
  • How pre-planning makes the recording session run more smoothly
  • Why music is such a brilliant addition
  • How space can be your friend
  • Active listening and how to layer a performance
  • Finding alternatives to line reads
So if you’ve ever shied away from directing or thought – well what can I bring to the party, this is the episode for you.
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