Everything you need to know about Talking Creative – what is it all about, who is Samantha Boffin and why should you listen?
In this first short trailer episode you’ll find out:  

What the podcast is all about, who Samantha Boffin is – and why you should be listening

  The clue is in the title – Talking Creative is all about the art of voiceover directing.   If you’re a creative, a voice director or you work with voice actors or you simply want to know more about the world of voiceovers and how it all works – then this podcast is for you.   We’ll be looking across the industry at everything from corporate, commercial and e-learning to audiobooks, radio drama, gaming and animation.   And we’ll also be looking at the world of voiceover from a creative angle – talking to directors, voices and creatives who work in the industry every day to find out what works for them.   You’ll also find out who I am, my background at the BBC as a Creative Head and what I bring to the voiceover party.  

Talking Creative is going to grow to be a mix of solo and guest interviews – and it’s focussed on helping you to get the most value out of every. single. booking.

  I definitely don’t know everything about this amazing industry but hopefully I know enough to ask the right questions to help you find the right answers.  
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