Creatively briefing your voice artist – 6 key ideas for success.
In this episode, we’re looking at how to creatively brief your voiceover artist – and why it makes such a difference. We’ll be chatting about: The reasons for briefing your voice actor before the recording session and what a good creative brief needs to cover – including 6 key steps:
  1. Who is your Listener?  Why is your voice talking to them and what do you want them to do or feel?
  2. What role is your voiceover playing?
  3. How do you want your voiceover to sound?
  4. Make sure your script is really ready.
  5. Useful assets – music, animatics and rough cuts, references.
  6. Timelines or deliverables.
  Useful apps and websites for pronouncations: https://forvo.com https://howjsay.com Also the Oxford English Dictionary plus audio – OED App     Useful adjectives:   Warm, friendly, concerned, emotionless, comic, serious, quirky, hip, sassy, trustworthy, calm, slapstick, cool, booming , sassy, movie-trailer, compassionate, soothing, confident, light-hearted, concerned, dry, emotionless, authoritative, straight-forward, sultry, not sultry, quirky, believable, engaging, clear, bright, mature, young, classy, excited.
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