Auditioning is part of every voice actor’s life. We all have to do it. But how can we do it well?

Whether you use pay to play sites, have an agent or are going solo – auditioning is something actors have to do frequently. In this episode of Talking Creative, the Summer Series – I’ve got 6 hot tips to help you audition brilliantly – to give you the best chance of nailing that new project. We cover:
  1. Auditioning for jobs that you’re the right fit for.
  2. Starting with a bang.
  3. Being clear about who you are, who you’re talking to and why.
  4. Investigating the brief.
  5. Being brave.
  6. Some practical tips and tricks.
  And here is the Audition Director link: https://www.auditiondirector.com/  
The Talking Creative Summer Series – short, sweet episodes to help us all make voiceovers better.

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