Hi – I’m Samantha.  British Voice Artist and Audio Actor.  Head of my own broadcast-quality sound studio, hoarder of vintage frocks and super-fan of 70’s sitcoms.  

I help creatives, production companies and designers create great audio that really connects with their audience. 

And during this current pandemic, I’ve worked remotely with the BBC, Games Workshop, Audible and many other companies around the world – all from the comfort of my studio.

BBC-trained and with broadcast experience on both sides of the mic, I’ve got a lifetime of experience creating award-winning narration, audio drama and commercials for companies around the globe.

I could be the perfect voice for you - take a listen.

MY Studio.

I work from a dedicated, broadcast-quality sound studio – so wherever you are in the world, I can help you out with excellent audio. 

For live-directed sessions, we can link up via Source Connect, ISDN or other remote recording platforms including Cleanfeed, Source Connect Now, Skype and Zoom.

With over 20 years of industry experience, I’m also an expert at self direction.  All I need is a script, a brief and a deadline. And if you’ve got a film or a project that needs the voice to hit certain points, that’s straightforward too.

If you want a more detailed tech spec – just drop me a line at sam@samanthaboffin.co.uk

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Voice Reels.



5 great reasons to work with me.



I'm a trained actor - so I can really bring your scripts to life. Experienced in film dubbing, radio drama and audiobooks. Currently nominated in the Best Female, Radio Drama category at the 2020 One Voice Awards.



My years of experience at the BBC as a voiceover and director have given me an excellent sense of what’s needed, creatively and professionally.


Broadcast Quality Studio

I have an ACX-accredited studio and I produce excellent, broadcast-quality sound. I can also link up anywhere in the world via Source Connect for crystal-clear remote recording sessions.


Reliable and Accurate

Hitting deadlines is important. I'll get your finished audio files to you on time, on budget and exactly the way you need them.


Free Sample Reads

I'm always happy to send you a short sample read of your script so you can be 100% confident. I can do alternative takes, too. 


Hi – I’m Sam.  I can help you wow your audience using the super-power of speaking. 

As a voiceover artist and actor, I help creatives and companies talk directly to the people they want to reach.

From audiobooks and drama to  promotions and corporate films, from podcast intros and ads to on-hold messages and e-learning courses – the right voice can make words and ideas feel memorable and believable. And it can also build a real, lasting connection between you and your tribe.

It’s where the magic happens.

And I love a bit of magic.

When I was growing up, my dad worked in TV.  I spent a lot of time in studio galleries, watching talented people (and a few puppets) create amazing programmes to inform, educate and entertain.  I started out as an actor – but it was no surprise that I moved into television as a voiceover, producer and Creative Director.

Connecting with audiences is at the heart of everything.

As a voice, I build bridges – inviting listeners into different worlds or explaining new ideas and concepts.

Over the last 20 years, I have voiced, written and directed thousands of promotional campaigns, films and documentaries for companies around the world including the BBC, Sky, Discovery and ITV.  I’ve played shape-shifting assassins, fairies, society debutantes, bingo callers (Level 10, Kate Winslet), vampires and a vegan serial killer. I’ve worked for major brands including Games Workshop, John Lewis, Bacardi, Premier Inn, The Alzheimer’s Society and many more.   I’m even the voice of a hotel elevator.  And a pizza.

As a result, I’ve got stacks of industry know-how and I understand how projects work.  Plus my directing experience has given me an intuitive feel for what you might be looking for – super-helpful for all those jobs that require self-direction.

I live in London and work from my own, fully-equipped and connected studio.  I can turn projects round swiftly and accurately and send them anywhere in the world.  And when this current global crisis is calmer, I’ll also be perfectly placed to get into central London or any other studio of your choice.

Do get in touch to find out more. My in-box is always open for all your work enquiries, messages or ideas.

And of course you can get to know me in all the usual social places.

There’s only one Samantha Boffin – so I’m ridiculously easy to find!

Contact Me.

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0771 2009592
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