I’m Samantha – a London-based British voice artist and actor.

My sweet spot is voicing commercials and nailing all kinds of narration from e-learning and corporate reads to radio drama and audiobooks. 

BBC-trained and with broadcast experience on both sides of the mic, I’ve got a whole lifetime of experience creating award-winning TV and radio promos.

I could be the perfect voice for you - take a listen!

Voice Reels.



5 great reasons to work with me.



My wealth of experience has given me an excellent sense of what’s needed, creatively and professionally.



I’m a trained actor. A member of Spotlight, Equity and the Actors Guild.


Free Sample Reads

I'm always happy to send you a short sample read of your script so you can be 100% confident. I can do alternative takes, too.


Reliable and Accurate

I work hard to get your finished audio files to you on time, exactly the way you need them.


Friendly and Approachable

Do get in contact – or go to my about page to find out more! 


Your script deserves the perfect voice.

The right voice will make your words memorable and believable – and talk directly to the people you want to reach.

It’s where the magic happens.

And you don’t just need someone who sounds good.  You need someone who really connects with your audience, goes all-out to get the delivery absolutely right and puts the voiceover cherry beautifully on the top of your amazing creation.

Which is where I can help.

I’ve spent my career in TV, radio and multi-media broadcasting.  I’ve written, voiced and directed hundreds of promotional campaigns and short films for companies around the world including the BBC, Sky, Discovery and ITV.  I’ve worked for major brands like Premier Inn, Bacardi, Net-a-Porter, The Alzheimer’s Society and many more.  I’m also an actor with experience in audiobooks, radio drama,  scripts, pitches and narrative work. 

As a result, I’ve got stacks of industry know-how and I understand how projects work.  Plus my directing experience has given me an intuitive feel for what you might be looking for – super-helpful for all those jobs that require self-direction.

I live in West London and work from my own, fully-equipped studio. I can turn projects round swiftly and accurately and send them anywhere in the world.  Alternatively, I’m perfectly placed to get into central London or any studio of your choice in the UK.

Do get in touch to find out more. My in-box is always open for all your work enquiries, messages or ideas.

And of course you can get to know me in all the usual social places.

There’s only one Samantha Boffin – so I’m ridiculously easy to find!

Contact Me.

0771 2009592
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