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COMMERCIAL Voiceover For adverts & promos

“The product is so good – it sells itself!”

Yeah right.

If that was really true, the Don Drapers and Peggy Olsons of this world would be out of a job.

And our commercial breaks would be pretty dull.

What actually sells a product is clever advertising that connects with people – and the voice artist you choose to lift your copy off the page is an important part of that marketing magic.

Because the right voice actor will bring your product to life – and your audience will remember and love it.


I’m a master of the soft-sell, the playful delivery and the authoritative endline.

If you create adverts and commercials for TV or radio…  Or sponsorship bumpers for ad breaks…  Or perhaps you’re looking for a voiceover actor for television promotions, cinema trailers or YouTube pre-rolls?

Whatever your commercial project, if you need a sophisticated, versatile and memorable British female voice for your brand or product – do get in contact at and let’s talk.


See my work as well as hear it. 

This is a small selection of some of the commercial work that has featured my voice – including adverts, TV trailers and short promo films. 

WOLF Watch Winder Commercial

Sassy, playful advert for WOLF Watch Winders. The client wanted a Joanna Lumley feel – sexy, distinctive and fun. 

Sofa Commercial

Up-market national advert for – warm, distinctive, seductive voiceover style.

Net-a-Porter TV Launch

Cheeky, upbeat and fun – the Studio Porter TV launch promo film. It’s all about the style and pizzazz of Net-a-Porter!

BBC News Promo

Clear, trustworthy and unstuffy.  BBC World News promo – created for their audiences in the UK and around the World.

The Miniaturist - BBC One Drama

Atmospheric TV drama promo for BBC One’s The Miniaturist. Soft, breathy, mysterious.

Mrs Wilson - BBC One Drama

Punchy TV drama promo for BBC One’s Mrs Wilson.  Edgy, sophisticated, period drama.

Premier Inn Commercial

Sweet and playful Premier Inn advert. Get that bed-hug feeling – light, soft and charming.

BBC Panorama Promo

Impactful and dramatic news promo for BBC One’s Panorama. They wanted something with cut-through but not too alarming!

peace of mind

If you need a short test read of your commercial or promo script, I’d be happy to send over a sample read so you can be confident that I’m right for your project.

You can get in touch with me or email for a custom sample or quote for your project.

And of course you can get to know me in all the usual social places.