About Samantha.

I can make you sound great.

Hi, I’m Sam.  If you want to speak to a particular client or audience – I can help you.  

As a voiceover artist, I help creatives and companies talk directly to the people they want to reach. As an actor, I make every word count.

And if you’re looking for voiceover coaching – I can help you with that.

From museum guides, audiobooks and drama to promotions, explainers and corporate films… from ads and podcasts to on-hold messages and e-learning courses – the right voice can make words and ideas feel memorable and believable.

And it can also build a real, lasting connection between you and your tribe.

it's where the magic happens

And I love a bit of magic.

When I was growing up, my dad worked in TV.  I spent my school holidays in studio galleries, watching talented people (and some famous puppets) create amazing programmes that informed, educated and entertained. 

I started out as an actor – but it was no surprise that I moved from the theatre and into television.  

I worked at the BBC for over 20 years – as a voice artist, producer and director.

For 10 of those years I was Creative Head of BBC Children’s and Learning – working on CBBC and CBeebies.

Connecting with audiences is at the heart of everything.

As a voice, I build bridges – explaining new ideas and concepts or inviting listeners into different worlds.

I’ve got stacks of industry know-how and I understand how projects work. 

Over the last 20 years, I have voiced, written and directed thousands of promotional campaigns, films and documentaries for companies around the world including the BBC, Sky, Discovery and ITV.  

I’ve played shape-shifting assassins, demons, fairies, society debutantes, bored wives, bingo callers (Level 10, Kate Winslet), saucy vampires and a vegan serial killer.

I host, present and produce a variety of podcasts – my own and for other people.

I work for major brands including Games Workshop, Audible, The Getty Museum, the V&A, John Lewis, Penguin Random House, Bacardi, Premier Inn, The Alzheimer’s Society and many more. 

I’m even the voice of a hotel elevator. And a pizza. 

My 20+ years of directing experience has given me an intuitive feel for what you might be looking for – which is super-helpful for all those jobs that require self-direction but also great if you need to chat a project through before getting started.

I live in West London and work from my own, fully-equipped and connected professional studio.

I can turn projects round swiftly and accurately and send them anywhere in the world.

Plus I’m perfectly placed to get into central London or any other studio of your choice in less than an hour.

Do get in touch to find out more about how I can help you.

My in-box is always open for all your work enquiries, messages or ideas.

And of course you can get to know me in all the usual social places.