Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to working with me or this is your first time working with a voiceover actor – here are answers to some FAQs that you may find helpful…

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What is a Voiceover anyway?

A voiceover or voice artist is someone who provides the unseen voice on commercials, corporate and explainer videos, documentaries, e-learning. courses, telephone systems, in-store announcements and so on.


In addition, the term ‘voice actor’ is also used by voices who do all of the above – and more.


Voice actors often have an acting background which means they’re experienced in character work too: audiobooks (fiction and non-fiction), audio drama, film dubbing, talking toys, animation and video games.

What does Sam's natural voice sound like?

I’m a British Female Voice Actor with a vocal age range of 30s to 50s – though I can mix it up for character work.


My voice is naturally deep and alto in tone and it’s typically been described as warm, reassuring and intelligent – as well as confident, compelling, sexy and authoritative. I’m conversational, articulate and clear with a modern RP accent.


You can listen to my demos here.

What kind of voiceover work does Sam specialise in?

I have a wide experience right across the voiceover industry. In fact, give me a script, and I’ll give you a voiceover!


My background is in television so TV and radio promos, commercials and documentaries are very familiar territory.


I’m experienced in video games, audio drama, sleep stories, film dubbing and animation as well as corporate and explainer videos, telephony work and audiobooks.


I’m also an experienced podcaster – both for other people and as a host and producer of my own podcasts.

How can I book you for a project?

You can find all my contact details here.


Feel free to use the contact form, drop me an email at or send me a text and I’ll respond as swiftly as I can.

How does the process work?

By booking me to voice your project, you are also booking my broadcast quality recording studio.


We can work in a number of different ways:


★ I can link up with you or your studio anywhere in the world and we can record your project remotely in a directed session.

★ I can self-direct and record your script in my studio, either working to a brief from you or completely solo.

★ I can come to a studio of your choice and we can record in person.


If I’m recording in my studio, I’ll provide you with the audio files in whatever format you need after the session.

How do I brief you?

It’s easy. Once you get in contact, I’ll get back in touch and ask a few questions.


Typically I need to know what kind of project it is, who I’ll be talking to and where it’s going to be used plus stuff like deadlines and technical requirements. I can talk you through everything.

Can you provide a short demo of my script?

I can. It’s really useful to be able to hear how a voice sounds speaking your words.


Depending on the length of the script, it’s typical to request up to 45″ of a script to be recorded as a bespoke demo.

What is your turnaround time?

Many voice over recordings can be turned around on the same day or within 24 or 48 hours, depending on my current bookings and the duration of your project. If you need a fast turnaround, I can always advise you on my availability. Just email or call me.

Creating a project together

Can I listen in and direct during our session?

Yes you can. In fact, I recommend it wherever possible. I love live directed sessions and I want you to as well! You don’t have to be an experienced director – it just means you can be there giving me feedback in the moment and getting the performance you want.

Do I need any special equipment to connect with you?

Not at all. It’s simple to connect with me for a directed session. We can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or bespoke audio systems like Source Connect or Cleanfeed. You can even listen in by phone and talk to me as I record your project. If you need me to, I’m always happy to set any of these systems up so that you just have to click a button and connect with me.

Can you voice to picture?

Yes I can. I can bring your film or video into my system and record directly to picture so you can be confident that the timings will work.

What formats do you deliver in?

I record in high quality wav, but I can convert and provide files in practically any format – high quality mp3, low quality mp3, AIFF, etc. Just let me know what you need.


For a small extra cost, I can also do file splitting if you need your project on a number of separate files – say, for telephone prompts, book chapters or e-learning modules.

How do I get my recording?

I can send over your files via WeTransfer or Hightail or you can download them from Dropbox, Google Drive or any other system that works with your firewall. Alternatively, I can upload files to your own system. For small files I can email them direct if that’s easier and if your mail server will accept them.

Prices, fees and charges

How much will it cost?

Hands down, this is the question I get asked most often. And it’s the trickiest to answer because no two voiceover projects are the same – so it’s difficult to come up with a one-size-fits-all pricing structure.


My basic studio fee (BSF) is my starting point but individual projects often need negotiation, depending on what you need from me – including how and where the audio file is going to be used.


Do drop me an email or give me a call with the details of your project and I will be very happy to quote for you.


Knowing your available budget is a great start. If it’s possible to meet it, I will.

Do you have a rate card?

As mentioned above, there are so many factors that affect a voiceover quote, it’s not practical to provide a hard-and-fast rate card. 


However, here’s a guide to the starting prices for the kinds of voiceover I provide:


Basic Studio Fee – from £250

Animation and Gaming – price on request

E-learning – from 30p per word

Audiobooks – from £200

IVR – from £10


I am always happy to negotiate and to find a way to work within your budget – and to provide quotes in your currency of course! 


You can find more information in this article: How Much Does a Professional Voiceover Cost?

What about usage - where can I use my recording?

Some voiceover projects simply require a single one-off fee. This is a Basic Studio Fee (BSF)) which includes prep, recording and use of my studio, editing and delivery of an audio file.

Other projects may require additional buy-outs because of how and where they are used and for how long. This is common throughout the audio and voiceover industry and works in a similar way to music licensing.

To understand this better, see this Licensing and Usage Guide for Hirers.

Do you charge for changes?

Re-records for pace, tone and style are free within 28 days. This can also include minor script changes.

More major script changes are charged at 50% of the BSF within 28 days or treated as a new project outside of 28 days.

Is there a contract or any terms and conditions?

I use contracts and terms & conditions as early in our relationship as possible. I want clients to be informed and know what to expect – and trust that I will deliver on time and to budget.


I try to use simple, clear language and get straight to the point with no fluff. Fairness and protection of your interests and mine are paramount.

How do I pay you?

I accept payment by bank transfer, Paypal or Wise. We can discuss how you would prefer to settle the fees as part of the quoting process and I’ll include all the details on my invoice.


I’m experienced in working internationally with different countries and exchange rates.


My usual payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

I sometimes ask for an upfront payment of 50% for first time clients or long-form projects.

More questions

Do you work outside the UK in different countries and timezones?

Yes I do. I work for clients all over the world and will do my best to accommodate different timezones.

Do you travel to different studios?

I live in West London so it’s easy for me to get to a central London studio. I don’t charge for travel within London. I’m also very happy to travel to other studios outside London – I live near to great transport links. There may be travel costs for travel outside London.


Alternatively, it’s very easy to connect with my studio via Source Connect, Cleanfeed, SessionLink, Zoom etc.

What different services do you offer as a voiceover coach?

I coach individual clients on a 1-2-1 basis as well as working with small groups.  


I also offer an in-depth, personalised Voiceover Audit.


I’m experienced in creating bespoke training courses and away days for corporate clients. Do see my coaching page.

I see you’re a director - can I book you to direct other voices?

You can. Please do get in contact for my half day and full day rates.

My question isn’t answered here

Please do get in contact or give me a call and I will do my very best to answer you!