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the Voiceover Audit

Transform your voiceover business and get the bookings you really want.

transform your voiceover career

  • Are your voiceover demos working for you?

  • Do you know how you sound to clients?

  • Are you booking the work you want to book?

Wouldn’t it be great to understand what kind of projects your voice is suitable for?

To know how clients really hear you? 

And to get honest, detailed feedback on your voice reels and online brand?

The 90 minute Voiceover Audit is a fully-researched and personalised review of your voiceover demos, your brand, and how you show up on social media – so you can see yourself from a director or client’s perspective.

This is gold for understanding how you can adapt, grow and maximise your impact as a voiceover talent.

the voiceover audit Includes

Thorough pre-session research on your current demos, website and social media.

A 90 minute recorded zoom session that covers:

  • Feedback on your current voice demos
  • How you show up online right now
  • Your objectives and business goals
  • How you currently reach your ideal clients – and how that can be refined

Other flexible options can include:

  • How to add social media into the mix
  • Your ideal platform
  • What to post about – and how to nurture prospects and clients
  • Your approach to direct marketing

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the Voiceover Audit

£ 295
  • Transform your Voiceover career
  • Book more of the work you love
  • In depth pre-session research
  • 90 minute recorded Zoom session
  • 1-2-1 flexible options